Srixon Distance 10 (NEW MODEL) - Dozen Golf Balls - High Speed and Responsive Feel - Resistant and Durable


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  • DISTANCE - The Srixon distance golf balls are designed for golfers seeking maximum distance at any swing speed. This premium golf ball combines distance, speed, responsive feel and durability.
  • Velocity: Designed to deliver a high initial speed and to increase the player's launch angle, the low compression and penetrating ball flight ensure greater distance and a more responsive lightweight feel. It maximizes speed while keeping turning low.
  • AERO DYNAMICS : The ball 324 dimple pattern reduces drag and generates lift even in really windy conditions. It improves aerodynamic efficiency allowing the flight of the golf ball to be faster.
  • Durability: The shell design, an ultra-resistant ionomer, delivers enough greenside spin, longer discs and gives this golf ball exceptional durability. It will not lose performance shot after recording.
  • DETAILS: Content and technical details: Number of golf balls: 12 - Compression: 89 - Cover Thickness: 1,45mm - Construction: 2PC - Dimple Number: 324 - Cover material: Ionomer