New Srixon Z Star 7 - Dozen Premium Golf Balls - Tour Level - Performance


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  • ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE: Srixon Z Star 7 golf balls are designed for golfers who want to achieve exceptional performance and play. Featuring a four-piece construction, this ball features an ultra-thin urethane cover and combines Srixon best technologies to create the same feel and performance as the professional players on the tour. You will be convinced by the distance, speed and spin control!
  • AERODYNAMICS: The ball 338 dimple pattern reduces resistance and generates lift. It greatly improves aerodynamic efficiency, allowing the flight of the Srixon Z Star 7 to be faster due to its reduced drag. It improves overall accuracy even in harsh conditions and fast winds.
  • CONTROL: The golf ball features an ultra-thin thermoplastic urethane shell and Spin Skin technology with SeRM. This combination significantly increases spin and control. The Spin Skin cover coating with Slide-Ring Material (SeRM) increases friction between the ball and the club, maximizing spin for more control and stopping power. The SeRM also gives the ball resistance and durability: by absorbing the impact vibrations, it restores the ball shape more skillfully after the shot and prevents breakage.
  • PREMIUM: Performance, distance, speed, feel, control, aerodynamics: everything is combined to make it a top-notch golf ball to help you improve your game and push your limits!