Lignumtee - 'for a better game' - 12st - 72MM


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LIGNUM TEES are unbreakable and environmentally friendly due to the specific raw materials used and its unique production. The LIGNUM TEE is made from wood, plant materials, natural polymers and glue and is durable, flexible, biodegradable and not resistant to lawn mowers.

The packaging of the LIGNUM TEES allows you to take it tee by tee through its Easy Exit lock system without having to tear the bag. This keeps the LIGNUM TEES safely stored when not in use.

Bag with 12 Lignum tees
72mm 2 3/4 inches
Colour White.

The tees have a ring system for the perfect tee height:
Height control for a consistent hit.
Durable microwood for attaching the tee to the tee box