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Wilson Staff DX3 (Soft/Spin/U) Golf Balls


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Wilson Staff DX3 Golf Balls

The WILSON STAFF DX3 SPIN is very similar to the Dx2 Soft, but with a twist: the Spin particle translates into more green-side spin for better players, who require tremendous amounts of control when it comes to action in the scoring zone.

Also, being marketed as the world's softest multilayer golf ball, the WILSON STAFF DX3 SPIN is designed to appeal to players seeking for Tour like workability and spin, but with a soft feel and low spin off the driver, and, very important, without sacrificing forgiveness off the tee in the process.

Description. The Ultra golf balls provide long lasting durability for beginners with improving swing speeds. Value golf ball with 90 compression. 432 Surlyn dimple design.



  • Lake Balls / Used golf balls
  • Wilson Staff DX3 Golf Balls

  • Mix Grade A/B 

  • Handpicked 
  • Processed in The Netherlands


Why Buy Wilson Staff DX3 Lakeballs/ Used Golf Balls  YourLakeBalls.com?

Golf ball manufacturing has experienced big technological advances over the past 10 years. Gone are the days when golf balls were made of a liquid core and lose compression and distance after being exposed to extreme heat or being submerged in water.

Durability and Consistency  in solid-core golf balls is the norm, opening up a market for recycled golf balls; because all golf balls are used after someone hit the ball! The team at PG Golf made up of duffers, scratch golfers and virtually everything in between is committed about the game of golf and has spent many years playing with lakeballs to dissect their actions on the course.


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